2019 Conference

Genesis 1-3: Defending the Foundations

October 26-27 2019

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The Foundations of Christianity

Genesis 1-3 establish the foundations of the entire body of Christian theology, and of society generally. In a world that is increasingly rejecting Christianity, it is vital that believers understand these chapters and the significance of them for what we believe about God, man, sin, redemption, ourselves and the world around us.

Dr. Bill Barrick

Dr. Barrick is professor emeritus of Old Testament at the Master's Seminary in California. He has a undergraduate degree in science and spent 16 years serving as a Bible translator and missionary in Bangladesh. He has been involved in translating the Bible into 9 different languages and has consulted on several English translations.

He is also the Old Testament editor of the Evangelical Exegetical Commentary series and is the author of the forthcoming volume in this series on the book of Genesis. Each year he helps lead trips through the Grand Canyon where he teaches alongside geologists how the sedimental layers of the canyon corroborate the flood story of Genesis.

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Faith Bible Church is an independent evangelical church based in New Plymouth, and pastored by Mark Watson. We love the word of God and our ministry is based on the exposition of God's authoritative scripture because we believe that it contains everything we need for life and godliness.

Weekend Schedule


  • 9am-10:30 – Plenary Session 1
  • 11am-12:30pm – Plenary Session 2
  • 2pm-2:45pm – Special Session
  • 3pm-4:30pm – Plenary Session 3


  • 9am-10:15 – Plenary Session 4
  • 11am-12:30pm – Plenary Session 5
  • 2pm-3pm – Q&A
  • 3:30pm-5pm – Plenary Session 6

Location & Venue


Devon Intermediate School,
400 Devon Street W, 
New Plymouth


There is parking inside the School Grounds for those who arrive early, and plenty of parking around the school campus.

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